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Easily Get your Kids Off Screen Time so you can engage with them or give yourself a break.  

Battling with my child to get off electronics causes me stress:

Our goal is to help parents get their kids off screen time and give them time to be creative without causing additional stress to parents. 

Our boxes are shipped monthly and can be a stress free way to engage with your child or to give you a quiet time break. Everything your crafter needs to make the projects is included, clear and easy to follow directions, and a spill mat to prevent getting the area dirty.

I feel guilty not spending engaging time time with my child:

Don't feel guilty, just make it easier to engage with your child by having a preplanned activity, Our Kids Box of Fun comes monthly to your door, no time spent looking for projects to make and time shopping finding the items needed. Everything you need is included in our box. Open all projects for a longer sitting time or pull out one project for each week in a month.

I hate the mess and clean up of my kids crafting: 

Our kits have a spill mat to put down so your child can craft with a safe protection and when finished crafting, scoop up the tablecloth and throw in garbage. Easy Clean up. Our projects also do not take a lot of space to work on, most projects can be set up in a small space or take on the go to a location. 

I've never heard of this company, how do I know its a good brand:

We guarantee that you and your crafter will be happy with our boxes. Listen to what Callie K had to say:

"These cousins are 1 week apart and we always enjoy celebrating their birthdays together! This year I got them the same gift which were these awesome caboodles filled with goodies that can be decorated and personalized! These are so cute and had so many projects packed in! Thanks to Girlyamanda Paper Crafts! Check them out for these adorable kids craft boxes!!" 

and Mandy M:

Want to support a local SWFl woman in business? Order an Easter Craft box from Girlyamanda Paper Crafts! Blog post coming soon about how fun my daughter had doing the craft box! Thanks Amanda Gavini for such a cute box of creative fun!

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