Kids Box of Fun - Spa Theme

Kids Box of Fun - Spa Theme


Theme of Box is Spa Theme 

Want to make a purchase that helps parents get their crafters off of screen time with so creative play? You can engage with your crafter while they create or great a break while they use work on the projects. Because our boxes contain everything the crafter needs you can take a box with you and not worry about additional supplies. 

This Box contains all the supplies to make 4+ craft projects with project cards with photos and details. We also like to add some additional fun items which go with the theme of our box. 
A pen, lip gloss, pencil case, a special sweet treat, and a postcard. We also include a spill mat to protect your crafters area. 

Check out the picture to see the details of the following projects:

Jeweled sleeping mask
Painted Flip Flop Box
Hair Clips with pompoms
Make your own Lip Gloss
Decorate your make up kit case